Matrimonial Services

Rules and Regulation

1.       Matrimonial service is solely for Registered Applicants. Registration fee is $50 per applicant.

2.       If you aren’t searching seriously, please don’t waste anybody time.

3.       If you are UNMARRIED brother get your parents/guardian permission first.

4.       Sisters: please follow the SHARIA guidelines and have your WALI’s permission and if possible we advise that they will be with you while you search for brother’s profile, or when you like to meet them.

5.       If anyone of you wants to STOP their profile/search for any reason please tell one of our associate volunteer to remove your file, and you need to sign voluntary discharge paper.

6.       If you want to meet with any of the member from the search directory, please tell our associate volunteer to arrange meeting for you.

7.       We won’t conduct background checks. Therefore try to research, enquire, and meet the preferred partner accompanied by your parent/guardian or Wali.

8.       Be Honest about yourself, family, religious interest, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc and please describe what you are looking for in your spouse and how important is that quality matters for you;

a.       E.g. I am looking for girl, who wears hijab, must be practicing Muslimah, and who loves travelling as a nature of my business.

b.      Or I am looking for guy, who is practicing, have decent job, self sufficient and be nice to my parents.  Etc.

9.       Don’t judge people, because Allah knows everyone’s intention and to Whom we all will return.

10.   Fear Allah, as this whole life we are living is monitored and recorded by Him

11.   This is private and confidential services so please don’t share any information with anyone.

12.   We reserve the right to confiscate, ban any profile if we found the person is providing fraudulent information.

13.    The registration fees are non transferable and non refundable.

14.   By signing on the form you acknowledge that you read and agreed on all terms and condition.

Please sign up the below form and inshallah we will meet you @ convention:

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